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What is So Special in the Cannabis Trade Show for You?

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Our country is famous for its liberal views, and the masses of tourists come for one exciting feature – to try marijuana, which is sold there in specialty shops. In many countries, cultivation of technical hemp is not something extraordinary. For example, hemp is used in the manufacture of clothing, oils, feed and other products. In the agricultural sector, it’s just one of the many manufacturing niches. However, here, cannabis is cultivated for personal use. Many legislative issues are limiting the production of marijuana, but the fact remains.

The Policy of Tolerance

The cultivation of cannabis or marijuana in the Netherlands became legal after the adoption of some so-called “opium laws”, which were supplemented and changed until the 1970s. At first, cannabis was not so common, and It was referred to as easy drugs, for which it was possible to get a term. During the development of the movement “hippies” in the 60’s the marijuana policy got an interesting turn when the Ministry of the Interior lowered the priority of prosecution for “herb”, as most cases were not severe. The focus of police and health was on trafficking and the spread of heavy drugs. At the Cannabis Trade Show, you will learn more about it.

The Progress

In the 1970s, the government initiated the creation of a commission that would prove that hemp products are harmful to health than coffee or tobacco. But many experts spoke in favour of plants, citing as an example, the times of the dry law in the US, and doubted that the state, in general, has the right to interfere in the choice of citizens.

Today in Holland, there is a policy of tolerance, where cannabis or marijuana can be bought in so-called “coffee shops” under specific strict rules. For example, in these same shops, you cannot sell alcohol or let go of more than 5 grams of goods within one purchase. Also, local municipalities establish an order in which the number of such stores is designated within their jurisdiction, and whether they can work there at all.

Personal Use

By the way, cannabis can be grown for personal use at home, but with the condition – no more than five plants. If someone decides to raise an illegal crop, it can be fraught with the withdrawal of plants, and even the trial. The most exciting thing is that these limits are due to more technical issues, such as the excessive use of heating for cannabis on natural gas, which is extremely expensive in the country. Also, the installation of the hydroponic system, light and other equipment are already considered professional cultivation, for which a special permit is needed.

Features of cultivation

Cultivating cannabis is not difficult, even a beginning farmer will cope. In the Cannabis Trade Show, you can learn how to grow marijuana both in the open ground and in hothouse conditions, but this is somewhat more difficult. Regarding closed field, the manufacturer must independently control all processes, ranging from humidity and light to management of the entire environment of crops, which ultimately can affect the whole yield.

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