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Turkey – The Perfect Hair Transplant Destination

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Millions of men of all ages, suffer from premature hair loss, and for the majority, Turkey holds the ideal solution. The early 1980s saw the hair transplant industry looking to Istanbul as the main hub, and since that time, Turkey has become synonymous with hair restoration treatment, specifically, hair transplant surgery. It is natural to want the very best surgeon to carry out the work, and many British people mistakenly assume that Harley Street would be the place to have their surgery carried out, and while there are likely some very good hair transplant surgeons working in London, the capital of this innovative surgery is actually Istanbul, in Turkey.

Low Cost of Living

Having your hair transplant surgery done in Turkey will cost less than half of the same operation in London, and the reason for this is the very low cost of living in Turkey. This affects every aspect of the procedure, as the clinic itself costs much less to secure a long term lease, and the staff are paid a fraction of the figure a London based clinic would have to cover, and the difference in price is not slight, as in most cases, it is less than half of the cost. Those who really research the comparison between London and hair transplant in Turkey will find there is no downside to flying to Istanbul, as the very best surgeons and clinics happen to be in this vibrant Middle East capital.

The Best Treatments

The latest form of hair restoration is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and it was developed in Turkish clinics, where it has quickly become the preferred technique. FUE involves transplanting single follicles and such is the technique, that the hair can be angled to flow with the natural incline of the surrounding hair, and with virtually no post-surgery downtime, and a lower price tag that Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), you have the best method to permanently solving that receding hairline. Wind back the clock and have a full head of hair that is healthy and will continue to flourish, and with affordable prices in Turkey, you can also enjoy a short holiday in this captivating land.

Online Solutions

If you would like to know more about the latest hair restoration techniques, an online search will bring up a list of Turkish Hair clinics, and after some careful browsing, you can make your selection and start the process that will result in saying goodbye to hair loss. From the website, you can gain all the information you need, and with many before and after photos and testimonials from happy clients, and with an online booking facility, your surgery can be booked, and you can begin to make all the necessary preparations.

Thousands of British men have had their hair restored in Turkey with FUE techniques, and with a very affordable price tag that is all inclusive, your hair loss problem will soon be a thing of the past.

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