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Tips for Safely Painting that Propane Tank

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While we all love to have a barbeque in our back yards in the summer, we don’t always love the way that the propane tank may look. Because a propane fueled barbeque is probably the most reliable kind, we see so many more of them in back yards these days. Plus, when it comes to being eco-conscious about your back-yard parties, deciding to go without that ugly charcoal is a step in the right direction. Propane is a cleaner gas, and used correctly is much safer.

But face it, those tanks are butt-ugly! The ones that you see often in the grocery store are an ugly green and we are pretty much stuck with the rentals being ugly. But since recycling is part of being green, we decided a while back to simply refill a tank that we already owned. Many hardware stores will refill your tank, and it is certainly cheaper then buying a new one each time.

If you are thinking of going this route, you don’t have to put up with that ugly army green tank. You can paint them so that they don’t look so horrible. But before you grab some leftover house paint, you need to know there are some regulations concerning the painting of propane tanks. So, go ahead, ask that question: Can I paint my propane tank? Of course, you can. Just get all the facts before you proceed.

Picking the Color

While you may just be itching to paint that tank dark purple to match your patio cushions, you might want to think again. There are regulations from the National Fire Protection Agency that are smart informative guidelines to safely paint those tanks. Because it is storing something very flammable, and in an outdoor location that could be sitting in sunlight, dark colors are not a smart choice. That is why they recommend lighter colors that reflect the light and prevent the tank from getting too hot when it is sitting out of doors.

Choosing the Right Kind of Paint

While you may have some leftover paint from the last painting project, it might not be the right kind. Paint that is specifically designed for metal surfaces will help to prevent rust. You can just imagine the dangers of having rust begin to develop on an old propane tank. So, make sure the paint you use will ensure that this propane tank is safe around your family, no matter how long it sits outside.

Beyond Simple Painting

Some people love to decorate, and that just may include the area where your propane tank tends to sit. If you are considering disguising the tank further by enclosing it in some bushes or fencing it in, think first. If you have a propane supplier who comes by to refill your tank, talk to them about it. You want to be sure that what you are planning is both safe and doesn’t interfere with their ability to refill your tank in a safe manner. It is all about keeping everyone safe.

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