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The Very Best Weed Vaporizer Manufacturers

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If you’re only just now beginning to shop around online or in person for a weed vaporizer, in 2018, you might find that there’s a whole metric ton of options to choose from. In recent years vaporizing technology has improved drastically and many innovative companies have been able to create stellar products for low consumer costs. There’s no objective or absolute best weed vaporizer brand, but as in most gigantic industries, there are certain names which immediately demand a bit more respect, kind of like Gucci or Apple. Vaporizing technology is diverse and different demographics look for different features with more prioritization than others, so this article will talk about two of the biggest and best weed vaporizer companies for you to consider giving your money to.

The OG: Storz and Bickel

Storz and Bickel are a German company, and originate in a town which is well known to be a hub of medical equipment production. It’s obvious that Storz and Bickel were approaching their design of The Volcano from the beginning from a very medically oriented perspective. If you’ve heard of vaporizers then you’ve probably heard of The Volcano too, that’s just how popular it is. It’s a metal cone-like machine with a large medical grade plastic bag sealed atop the cone, which then fills up with the vapor from precisely and efficiently heated bud. The reason The Volcano is hands down the best weed vaporizer in a medical context is its ease of use. Nurses can easily turn the machine on and let it heat up, then attend to other tasks while the plastic bag fills up. Then, the patient simply has to basically sip at their leisure on the whole big bag of vapor. German engineering at its finest. The Volcano is pretty damn expensive though honestly, so don’t worry, you can get some more affordable but equally impressive portable devices such as the Craft or Mighty.

The ‘Apple’ of Vapes: Pax

These guys are solely focused on portables and their releases have often been praised as ‘Iphones’ of the cannabis vaping world. It’s no wonder, with their sleek and elegant designs which are subtle and classy. They don’t sacrifice any performance for a pretty look, however, and utilize some of the best weed vaporizer technology there is.

There’s plenty of other contenders out there, but most vape critics would consider these two of the most likely names to be recognized. I’d encourage everyone to dig deep to find the best possible weed vaporizer for your own particular needs.

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