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Condoms have your back, Jack! If you’re about to have sex for the first time or have just never used a condom before, we help you lay it on.

Condoms are a slightly scary thing for men who have never used them before. On the one hand, they know that sex with a condom on, especially with a new partner, is necessary. On the other hand, they’ve heard horror stories about how condoms can break during sex, how some women get pregnant despite using condoms, and how condoms take away the pleasure during sex.

Relax. Using a condom isn’t the frightening task it’s made out to be. In fact, using a condom for sex is one of the most responsible things to do (after having sex with people aged over 18 years, of course). Condoms create a barrier between the exchange of bodily fluids between sexual partners, thus halting the spread of STDs like AIDS and HIV, among others. Condoms can also be used for oral sex – there are ways for STDs to pass via the oral route also, if you are infected with it and your partner has an open injury or cut on the inside of their mouth that creates a passage for the disease.

But since you’ve never used a condom before but are about to, we decided to help you out.

Since you’ve never used a condom before…

Condoms are designed to provide sensitivity and pleasure during sex. Leading brands like Durex have a range of condoms that are designed to provide different sensations during sex. If you feel that the condom will take away your pleasure during sex – you think that you cannot ‘feel’ your partner completely during the act – then you need to get a Durex Ultra Thin condom that provides the closest sensation to skin-on-skin contact that you will experience during the act.

Condoms are meant to protect both sexual partners from STDs. They also prevent unwanted pregnancies. If your partner does not want you to use a condom, gently explain to them that it is better for both partners to go ahead with the sexual experience if they have the security of a condom. But be sure to pick the right size and type to get the most pleasure out of sex.

How to use a condom

Before we answer the question ‘How to use a condom, we’re going to tell you how you need to handle the condom before use.

Be gentle with the packet. The condom is a sturdy implement for sex, but it can tear with rough handling. Do not scrunch it up in your jeans pocket, or tear open the packet using scissors or your teeth. The packet will have a mark for where you should open it – look for it and be gentle when getting the condom out of the pack.

Once out, make sure that you handle the condom right side out. Since you are inexperienced, you might unroll it inside out before wearing it. If this happens, throw away the condom and use another one.

Do not handle the condom roughly while wearing it – it can tear due to your sharp fingernails. Roll it on smoothly and gently so that you don’t tear it. A torn condom is as good as no condom!

Now, on to how to use a condom –

  • Hold the tip of the condom and pinch it slightly. This removes any air bubbles present in the tip, and leaves space for the ejaculate (semen) that comes out during sex.
  • Roll the condom all the way down the shaft of the penis.
  • Hold the condom in place by placing your thumb and index finger around its rim (at the base) and insert your penis in your partner’s vagina, anus or mouth.
  • You can use water-based lube on the inside and the outside of the condom for more comfortable sex for both partners.
  • Make sure that the condom stays on during the entire duration of sex. If the condom slips or tears, remove it at once and use a fresh one.
  • It’s not time to rest after you’ve ejaculated! While your penis is still a little hard, remove your penis from your partner’s body and carefully slip off the condom so that you don’t spill any of the semen. Tie the top of the condom into a knot and throw it in the trash can.
  • If you suspect that your semen has come in contact with your partner’s genital area before (pre cum), during (if the condom tears or slips) or after sex (while removing the condom), ask them to take a morning-after pill to avoid a pregnancy.

So that’s how to use a condom – we hope this article has been educational for you, and that sex with a condom on is a wholesome, enriching experience. You can even use sex toys like vibrating rings with your condom on. Just be sure to wear it correctly and dispose it off safely after use.

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