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Reviewing Hero.Genius. Legend. Program with Robin Sharma

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Our habits shape us as a person, and human beings are full of potential when it come to incorporating changes. The Hero.Genius. Legend. program with Robin Sharma is a program that promises to help people in creating powerful habits. Spanning over 65 days, this program can change your life. Here’s what you need to know.

Knowing the basics

The Hero.Genius. Legend. program with Robin Sharma can be divided into five distinct parts –

  • The first part is about your mind in the right space. For the seven initial days, you will learn what it takes to feel grateful and remove the negative thoughts from your brain. When the phase is over, you will feel happier and inspired.

  • The next step is rituals, which follows a span of 16 days, and during this time, you will learn about setting goals and ways of instilling positive habits into your regular life. Also, you will know how to think and act like a superhero and how make the mornings more productive. Apart from energized mornings, you will also get to know what it takes to keep up the energy for the rest of the day. Not to forget, it also focuses on reducing distractions of life.
  • This is the third step of 15 days, which will allow you to focus on your mind and condition it for the good life ahead. You will know more on resisting temptation and ways to be resilient. Basically, it is about understanding that you have a lot in life, all that you need, and will need not anything else ever. It is also the point where you will know about the power of love and how it’s the greatest tool.

  • Mental mastery. This is where you get to know about mentalities. You will discard the burdens of the past to have a better and incredibly beautiful future. Also, there is ample focus on how to rule out inefficiencies from your life and control your dreams.
  • Being the master. Finally, you are at the fifth step, which will teach on being a real hero. Someone who is brave, knows of ways of fighting procrastination.

The course also covers the “20-20-20 formula” for productivity, besides the “90-90-1 secret”, which is the success mantra of productive people.

Release your fears, embrace your strengths, focus on productivity and let go of your stress and anxiety – we promise that these 66 days will change your life forever.

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