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Racing Your Way to a New Birthday

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If your child’s birthday is quickly approaching and you aren’t sure what to do, consider thinking outside the box. No one wants to attend the same old parties with their kids. Children running amok, playing in spaces that are loud and dirty where some children will inevitably get hurt does not sound appealing to all parents. Instead of feeling bound to the same old song and dance when it comes to booking your child’s party, try out a different venue that takes the party planning stress away.

What Is the First Step in Booking My Child’s Birthday Party?

When brainstorming birthday ideas, the type of party you aim to plan, as well as the guest count and venue, all play an important role. When it comes to birthday party guests, small groups of children are recommended. When considering a group of children, think about inviting a manageable group that won’t overwhelm the venue but will still provide your birthday boy or girl with special memories shared with friends. Furthermore, smaller groups allow for more venue options. Some venues don’t allow for groups of twenty or more children. If you seek a fun venue for your child, consider limiting the number of invites sent. Additionally, the more invites sent, the larger the financial strain. Birthday parties can be costly. After all, the venue represents only a portion of the cost. A birthday cake, potential birthday outfit, decorations, food, and other random costs occur along the way. Saving money by limiting the guest list can make the rest of the planning easy, and it means you don’t need to skimp on costs in other areas.

How Do I Think Outside the Box?

Today, many judge entertainment based on the experience it provides. We are a culture built on trying new things and exploring. Consider exposing your child and their guests to a new, fun experience for their birthday party. This will ensure that the guests, as well as your child, will enjoy themselves. One such experience includes slot car racing. Slot car races offer a nostalgic feel for older guests and a fun experience for children. Such races include the children in a variety of ways. Kids can race, provide commentary with venue workers, and time other racers. This gives children a number of chances to be involved beyond simply attending the party. Kids get roles, which gives them a sense of importance so that no child feels left out, even if they aren’t the best racer. Slot car races provide a chance for kids to learn new skills and participate in more structured play, leaving the adults at the party to mingle, watch the races, or get involved themselves.

What Should I Look for in a Venue?

Try to keep venue costs minimal. Venues that offer food and drink and a place to sit comfortably and store gifts should be at the top of your list. Some venues even offer the option of photos by form of photo booth, allowing your guests a fun souvenir from the day and memories that will last a lifetime.

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