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The society does not accept drug addicts. They are looked down upon, neglected, spoken ill about and above all hated. But have anyone thought about helping them recover? Before you start helping out a drug addict, you need to know about his addiction.

Most of us are familiar with drugs. Besides drugs, there are opiates. Most of you consider drugs and opiates as the same component. However, both differ. To know more about opiates, click here: lighthousetreatment.com/how-long-do-opiates-stay-in-your-system/.

What are opiates?

Opiates are a type of drug belonging to the category of drugs. Opiates are derived from a special kind of plant known as the opium poppy. You must have heard of opium in the pages of history. This is nothing new to the drug family. However, the symptoms of opiates differ a bit with other kinds of drugs.

Some of the opiate alkaloids that occur naturally are:

  1. Morphine
  2. Codeine
  3. Thebaine

All these three opiate alkaloids form the chemically oriented building blocks that serve many semi-synthetic opioid drugs such as heroin, oxycodone and hydrocodone.

There are some opiates that are essential in the medical field. This is because these kinds of drugs have two important properties that make them useful for medical purpose. They are:

  1. These drugs have painkilling properties.
  2. These drugs work like sedatives.

Unfortunately, heroine is a morphine that is highly harmful and considered illegal. However, all these drugs have a high potential of addiction. Even the people those who are given these drugs under the doctor’s prescription as sedatives tend to get addicted to them. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, there has been a 2012 World Drug Report. The report says that almost 26.4 – 36 million people all over the world are abused of opiates.

Factors that affect drug processing

Generally, opiates have the feature of short-half lives. This means that opiates leave the bodily system very quickly, although they have a lasting impact on the system for several hours. The time opiate remains in the body are determined by drug tests. These drug tests vary on many factors, of which an important factor is the type of ingestion.

The opiates that are prescribed by the doctor are generally available in the form of pill. When you take in a drug orally in the form of a pill, it means that the drug has to pass through the digestive tract first.

Then it takes almost an hour to begin its reaction. On the contrary, drugs like heroin are often smokes, injected, or snorted. All these methods have a much quick action. The intensity of these drugs too is very high. Also, they leave the body very quickly.

Other factors that are responsible for how long opiate stays in your body are as follows:

  • The metabolism rate of an individual
  • Body weight and mass
  • Fat content in the body
  • Condition of kidneys and liver
  • Age
  • How heavy and how often the opiate is used
  • Quality of the opiate
  • Amount of water contained in the body
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