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Neck Lifts: The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

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As we age, the skin around our jaw and neck can start to sag and wrinkles become more prominent but a neck lift is one way to reverse these signs of ageing.

If you’re considering a neck lift but have a few questions, these FAQs should help.

Neck lift FAQs

Will I still look the same after a neck lift?

The only thing that will be different is that you will look more youthful and vibrant. When done correctly, a neck lift won’t change your appearance in a way that will make you look like a different person.

How long will my results last?

Your body will continue to age naturally again after surgery but if you follow a healthy lifestyle, don’t smoke and use sunscreen, your results can last for up to 10 years.

What side effects can I expect?

Since a neck lift is an invasive procedure, you can expect some mild discomfort after your surgery but you will be able to use pain medication to control this. There will also be some bruising and swelling that will last for about two weeks. Thereafter, makeup can be used to cover up any remaining bruising until it has subsided completely.

Can I go home after my neck lift?

Since neck lifts are performed on an outpatient basis, you can go home after your surgery. You should, however, make arrangements for someone to drive you home and to stay with you overnight.

When will I be able to return to work and my exercise routine?

On average, most patients of top cosmetic clinics in Sydney like Verve take around 10 – 14 days off work to give any bruising and swelling time to subside. In terms of exercise, it’s best to avoid any strenuous workouts for at least 2 weeks after your surgery. Any heavy lifting or straining should also be avoided for several weeks.

How should I prepare for my surgery?

It’s important to schedule a preoperative appointment with your surgeon so that he or she can prepare you for your surgery. Your doctor will also provide you with any prescriptions so that you can fill them before your surgery. You will also be provided with a specific list of dos and don’ts.

What can I do to accelerate healing?

Firstly, it’s important to follow any post-operative care instructions that you were provided with. Arnica is a natural herb that can be used to alleviate any bruising. Your surgeon will also show you how to clean and care for your incisions to prevent infection and complications. Lastly, it’s important to get as much rest as possible.

After recovering from your surgery at one of the top cosmetic clinics in Sydney like Verve, you will be able to start enjoying the results of your surgery after 6 weeks and the full results after 6 months.

Be sure to attend all of your follow-up appointments so that your surgeon can keep an eye on your recovery and your results.

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