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Know the Effective Ways to Get Cured from Conjunctivitis Eyes Symptoms

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Conjunctivitis is ailments concerning eyes causing inflammation of the conjunctive. Commonly known as Pink eyes as the eyes turn red and gets itchy. The causes of pink eyes varies, however the symptoms are contagious but luckily it isn’t a serious health issue. Hence whoever suffers from pink eyes should stay away from public places and even stay aloof in midst of family till the symptoms get totally vanished.

What causes pink eyes?

  • Viruses, including the type causing common cold.
  • Bacteria.
  • Allergic chemical compounds used in shampoo and soap.
  • Pollution in air like dirt, dust, pollen and smoke.
  • Water pollution like pool water having large proportions of chlorine.
  • May be due to side effects of using eye ointments or eye drops.
  • Due to continuous wearing of contact lenses allergic reaction may cause pink eyes.

There are multiple kind of pink eye ailments, each little different from the other.

The kinds are:

  • Viral strains: It is one of the most commonly occurring pink eye disease. The symptoms is experience in one eye gradually spreading to the other one. It causes lot of tears and constant watery eyes. If not treated properly swollen lymph mode appears in front of ear or under jawbone.
  • Bacterial strain: Have symptoms like viral strains however lot of pus and mucus forms in eyes.
  • Allergic strains: As the name suggests occur due to varied allergens. Usually the symptoms experienced are teary eyes, itching and redness found in both eyes.

  • Giant papillary: It can happen due to using contact lenses for long duration or due to artificial eyes. As eyes may be allergic to the foreign elements.
  • Ophthalmia neonatorum: Mostly occurs in new born baby’s eyes due to harmful bacterial infection. The symptoms need to be cured immediately otherwise there are chances of occurrence of blindness.

To have treatment for pink eyes a person should understand the symptoms of the eye ailment.

The symptoms are:

  • Itchy eyes and even burning sensation is experienced.
  • Redness of eyes due to inflammation.
  • Discharge of mucus and watery eyes.

Medications, ointment and eye drops bought from reliable pharmaceutical stores will be right choice of treatment. If the symptoms persist even after a week it is wise to visit expert ophthalmologist in your locality. What is pink eye and how to eradicate its symptoms will be explained by the eye specialist.

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