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Know all about Pine Bark Extract

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Herbal vs Synthetic

Medicinal plants continue to be one of the wonders of this world. A plant can solve tons of health problems. It is said to be as effective as or maybe even better than most synthetic medicine in the market.

What is pine bark extract and what does it do?

Ever heard of pine bark extract? It is herbal medicine that comes from the bark of Pinus pinaster. It is mostly found on skin creams, a natural preventative measure against a number of illnesses or a type of antioxidant to keep the body clean. People use this organic compound for a number of reasons but it is most commonly used in prevention of varicose veins, strokes, blood vessel disorders due to it aiding in blood circulation. It is also used as a cure for asthma, high blood pressure, tinnitus (or ear ringing), allergies, sore muscles, and may also be used a natural painkiller.

Its use seems endless all because of its benefits. This antioxidant works wonders especially if taken for a whole month. This increases stamina and helps relieve allergies. It helps keep the body in tip-top shape by reducing fluid retention causing better circulation.

Side effects

Everything should be used in regulation still because even this magical medicine has side effects. It is said that pine bark extract is safest if ingested by mouth in low dosages once a day. Overdosing in said product may cause mouth ulcer and gut problems. Pregnant and breastfeeding women is also advised not to intake this herbal medicine and is advised to go get doctors approval before ingesting this herb extract. The same is said for children. Pine bark extract may also trigger the symptoms of people suffering from auto-immune diseases. Diabetic and people with bleeding conditions should stay away because pine bark extract also increases bleeding.

Claim to fame

Pine bark extracts popularity started from a myth that states that a pine bark extract lasts up to 450 years. The ever growing popularity of the organic compound skyrocketed because people see that organic medicine tends to work better than synthetic ones earning its fame in the process.


Dosages also vary depending on age and your health condition.       Some individuals need more dosage of daily intake and some only needs a little bit. People with cardiovascular diseases tend to be prescribed with more dosage than the average consumer considering the benefits they may get from ingesting it. Some only needs a dose per day while some needs to drink at least three times per day to have maximum effectiveness. A minimum of 40 mg is given to people with allergies.

Studies about Pine bark extract

Extensive research has also been done regarding the product. The results show its effectiveness and some of its side effects. Safety was the number one concern next to clinical effectiveness.


People who used this product gained a cult like following because of its capability as an antioxidant. Some claims have been made regarding it improving someone’s overall health. One of the most common comments is that the product doesn’t taste good and dissolves slowly in liquid.

Do I need it or not?

There are lots of uses and application of this product. Do you have to use pine bark extract? It’s all up to you. It depends on your lifestyle, your health and your decision.

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