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Installing a Tow Bar in Your Car

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If you own a pickup truck or a full-sized SUV, you should consider installing a tow bar in the back. The tow bar, also known as the tow hitch, is a small device that is attached to the chassis of the vehicle at the back. Some towbars have a ball on top that allows for movement and articulation. The pivot will enable you to connect to a more substantial towing vehicle, such as an agricultural vehicle, or a large trailer, to your vehicle and tow it. Always make sure that you adhere to the rules of the road and you can find more information on towing on the UK Government website.

Most people are under the impression that tow bars are installed behind the bumper. Instead, they are connected to the chassis of the vehicle and protrude from underneath the bumper. The tow bar does not attach to the bumper in any way and is instead hooked to the chassis of the vehicle. Installing a tow bar in your car is a relatively straightforward process. Unless you know what you are doing, it’s better if you take your car to a local body mechanic and get the tow bar installed.

  • Towbars are available in various shapes and sizes.
  • Larger-sized tow bars can pull greater weights.
  • They must be connected to the chassis of the vehicle.

Towbars in Milton Keynes are currently being sold by some local companies. Whether you require the Swan Neck models, which are also the most popular throughout the EU, or the detachable tow bars, or even the universal HGV models, you can buy them directly from a local company. You can check their website and then visit the product page for more information. Some tow bars also have an electronic swivel or a permanently detached swivel. Selecting ta tow bar that has the right electronics is of vital importance. Some tow bars are specifically designed for specific purposes, such as pulling horse trailers or cycle carriers. Before you purchase a tow bar from any company, you should first contact them over the phone and let them know the model of your car.


Most people don’t know where they can get the tow bar installed from. Thankfully, many of the companies that sell tow bars also offer direct installation services. They will send over an employee to your provided address and install the tow bar for you. If you do not fit the tow bar correctly, there’s a risk that the load on the back of your car will increase significantly, and could even cause significant damage to your car. It’s highly recommended that you let a professional install the two bar for you.

Purchasing the Right Model

With so many different varieties available, including weight distribution hitches to varying tow ball sizes, it can often be confusing for people to choose the right model. If you want to make sure you buy a tow hitch that is suitable for your trailer or the trailer class size, you should first contact the seller and let them know about the specifications. The representatives will guide you about the best towbars for your needs.

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