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How to make your Eastereggcellent

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Easter is a beautiful time of year meant to be spent with friends and family, being silly, having fun, and celebrating the new life that comes with Spring. The snow may still be a bit sporadic, but that doesn’t mean you need to cut out any of your usual Easter favourites – just adapt them a little for the colder weather. There’s plenty of colour to be inspired by, but if you’re feeling a little stuck for a family activity, or a way to make Easter a little more affordable, this article is for you.

Chocolate nests are a childhood favourite for every person who remembers celebrating Easter at home or at school, and they’re very easy to make. There’s no “baking” involved, as such, so you don’t need to worry about your little ones getting burned on a hot oven. Grab your favourite chocolate brand for cheap, or try a store’s own-brand, grab some rice cereal or cornflakes, and you’re ready to go. Make sure you melt the chocolate yourself before you get the kids involved, just so there are no accidents, and then mix the cereal in with the melted chocolate, scoop into some cupcake cases, and leave in the fridge to set. It’s impossible to go wrong with a chocolate nest, grab some mini eggs, and leave the decorating up to the youngest of your family.

Paper decorations are always a perfect pastime. Cut out some easy daffodil stencils, and grab some colouring pencils. Line the walls with your children’s flower designs, it will certainly brighten up any room.

How about some bunny masks? You can find all kinds of free cut-outs online, so it’s just a matter of printing them out, colouring them in, and tying them around your face with some string. If you want to go a little further, size a rectangular strip of paper to your child’s head, tape it, and add some bunny ear cut-outs to the front.

You can’t go wrong with egg painting, but remember to boil them first. After your eggs have been hard boiled, wait until they’ve gone cold, and grab the art supplies. Egg shells can be painted and coloured using all kinds of paints and felt tip pens. For something a little extra, buy some fun stickers and some sparkles, too.

For some added magic, remember the egg hunt. You can use the eggs that you’ve already decorated, or buy some small chocolate eggs to use. Hide your eggs all over your garden, leaving easy clues for your children and their friends to decipher.

All of these ideas could easily become part of an Easter party. Make it a group effort between parents, and you’ll be thanked for entertaining a horde of children for the day, plus you won’t have to supply all of the food. If it happens to snow on the day, or if it’s particularly cold, move the egg hunt indoors, or make sure everyone has gloves and a scarf on before they go outside.

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