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How to Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Smoothly

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The lawn mower is one of the most popular pieces of horticultural machinery that is used by farmers as well as homeowners to cut the grass accurately. Lawnmowers have revolving blades in the front to cut grass. Some lawn mowers are powered by kinetic energy, while others are powered by an electric motor. Some lawn mowers have a nitro motor and can be powered either by diesel or petrol. Lawnmowers are available in many different styles; ranging from riding lawn mowers, remote control lawn mowers, to non-motorised lawn mowers that are powered by pushing the mower forward.

Having a lawn mower at home will help you keep your garden looking neat and clean. In case the grass grows higher, you can just run the lawn mower on top of it. The height of the grass to be cut can be adjusted by checking the level of the blades and bringing them up or down. The most popular variants of lawn mowers are either powered by electricity, or by gasoline. Some issues with lawn mowers include the following:

  • The engine doesn’t sputter to life
  • The lawnmower blades don’t cut properly
  • The lawnmower moves forward in a jerky movement

One of the most important things you need to do each year is getting your lawn mower serviced. There are several companies that specialise in repairing and lawnmower servicing in Milton Keynes. You can schedule an appointment with the company, and they will send over a professionally-trained employee to your place to check your lawn mower and service it. Servicing is vital for electric lawn mowers as well as gasoline-powered ones. Here are some other tips you should keep in mind about maintaining your lawn mower.

Checking the Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are used to regulate the flow of electricity within the lawn mower. A high-quality, iridium spark plug is required to maintain the smooth performance of your lawn mower. If the spark plug burns out, your lawn mower will stop moving entirely. Similarly, if the spark plug becomes loose, or gets dirty, your lawn mower will begin to sputter, and its performance will be affected. More fuel will be wasted, and the lawn mower will be choppy.

Changing Oil

All lawn mowers that are powered by an internal combustion engine require engine oil to work smoothly. Just like a car, you need to change the oil in your lawn mower as well. To ensure that your lawn mower runs smoothly, you should change the engine oil after every 50 hours of use, or at least once a year. You can quickly check the quality of engine oil yourself. If you notice the oil darkening, you should get it replaced.

Clean the Air Filter

The air filter in your lawn mower is used for preventing dirt from entering the engine and the carburettor. The air filter should be cleaned or replaced after every 25 hours of use. You can buy replacement air filters and stock them at home, changing them whenever you notice the air filter getting too dirty. You can take a look at You Tube for videos on servicing your lawnmower to make things easier for you.

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