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Find Out About Costs, Quotes, and Calculations for Pet Insurance

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With any new investment, you want to know about the costs. The beauty of pet insurance is that it is an easy and affordable way to cover unexpected veterinary bills.

Compared to other forms of insurance, pet insurance premiums are typically kept pretty low, but there are several different factors that may influence the cost of your policy, namely species, breed, and animal age, among other things. Most importantly, your insurance providers are fully prepared to guide you through each policy, as well as break down the costs.

How Are Prices Calculated?

Pet insurance policies take into account a number of different variables, simply because some situations present greater risk than others.

Species: Pet insurance is commonly only available for dogs and cats, as these are the two most common types of pets. In general, cats are less prone to both accidents and illness, and they also cost less to treat, so you can often expect lower premiums.

Breed: Your insurance provider will take a look at the breed of your pet and evaluate the risk level. Certain breeds are more prone to certain conditions, and this will not only affect the cost, but it will also help you choose a more appropriate policy.

The Age of the Animal: Insurance premiums are adjusted for age, mostly because older animals are at a greater risk of illness. However, younger pets tend to be more accident prone.

Purebred or Crossbreed: In general, crossbreeds are less susceptible to certain health issues, so this may also reflect on your premium.

Policy Choice: Pet insurance is available in different forms, which are not equally priced.

Desexed or Not: Whether or not your pet is desexed may influence costs as well.

Postcode: Your location may also reflect on your pet insurance, and the reason is that veterinary costs are different for each area.

Your insurance providers may look at all of these things to determine pet insurance costs, but the exact weight of each category will depend on your provider. Feel free to discuss things over with your providers, who will help you understand the cost of each policy.

Easily Request a Quote Online

You can easily request a no-obligation quote online with your pet insurance providers. Here, you will enter the requested information, which your providers will use to calculate insurance costs.

Is it Worth it?

Once you compare the cost of pet insurance to the potential cost of treating major health conditions, you begin to see the actual value of pet insurance. These policies cover everything from accident and illness to routine care so that visits to the veterinarian don’t have to be a financial stressor.

More importantly, this means that you don’t have to put off getting your dog or cat the care that they need due to financial reasons. A flexible and affordable pet insurance policy makes it possible to get the best treatment for any injury or illness that presents itself.

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