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Fascinating Facts about Music, How it Affects Us, and the Significance of Backing Tracks

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As believed by countless historians, annalists, and cultural researchers, the chronological timeline of music can be traced back to more than 40,000 years ago and melodious arts have, at some point or another, existed in every single populated region of the planet.

Scientists recently disentombed several ivory flutes in Germany, and analysts were able to utilise advanced carbon-dating methods to determine that the primitive musical instruments are roughly 43,000 years old, a stunning discovery that sent shockwaves throughout the scholarly community.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, however, and music is now a ubiquitous and essential facet of life on Earth, which is why the global music industry is currently valued at well over €130 billion.

Things You May Not Have Known About Music

You might think that music is a simple collection of tones, notes, and rhythms, but it is actually much more than that. Shown below are some beguiling and captivating particulars about the science of song and the societal upshots of music in today’s day and age:

  • Neurological experts have determined that the naturally-occurring feel-good compound dopamine is heavily impacted by the brain’s response to hearing music. When a particular song begins to approach its climactic summit, psychoanalysts found that the brain begins producing copious amounts of this mood-enhancing chemical.
  • Furthermore, it’s worth noting that listening to songs is one of the rare activities that trigger every part of your brain, including the cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, and every nuanced area within each section. This means that frequent music sessions can rewire and alter the fundamental composition of your mind’s neural connections.
  • An individual’s favourite song is almost always associated with a particular memory, significant event, relationship, or some other type of emotional attachment, meaning that music is one of the most influential tools to evoke strong, instantly noticeable feelings.
  • Each and every minute, an entire day’s worth of music is uploaded to the popular audio distribution platform SoundCloud, and this modernised song-sharing program has nearly 200 million monthly listeners spread throughout the world.
  • Within the commercial environment, proprietors usually feature slow-paced music in their stores to extend your stay and urge you to spend more money, while eateries tend to play faster, upbeat songs to abbreviate mealtimes and increase customer turnaround.

As you can see, music represents an impactful, highly persuasive medium in the present-day landscape, which is why business owners, marketing experts, musicians, songwriters, and even regular people are buying quality backing tracks online at an unprecedented rate.

What’s So Great about Backing Tracks?

When it comes time to find the most suitable composition for your next commercial, live performance, sheet music project, radio programme, or any other endeavour, it’s in your best interests to partner with resourceful supplier of high quality, digitally mastered backing tracks.

You can select from a virtually infinite number of distinctive tracks that encompass every conceivable genre, and these dexterous specialists can even produce customised, original solutions according to your unique needs.

Whether you wish to obtain an instant download or a compact disc, you’ll be able to obtain first-rate guidance during the process, so head over to the website of a backing tracks provider, and start browsing through the vast selection.

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