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Amalgam Filling vs. Composite Filling – Which one is Better for the Patients?

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Most of us suffer from one or more oral issues. One of the most common issue is having cavities in our teeth. The cavities can be fixed by either going for various kinds of filling or tooth extraction, so that the cavity will not affect the whole mouth. Mainly, there are two kinds of filling which are done to repair the damage caused by cavities, the amalgam filling and the composite filling.

While many people prefer amalgam filling over the composite one, it has been suggested by world’s best dentists that one should always go for composite filling due to its various advantages. In this article, we will be studying about the benefits of composite fillings over amalgam.

What are some of the cons of getting amalgam filling?

Though amalgam filling is cheaper and easily available, there are various disadvantages of them. Some of them have been listed below –

  • This filling will never appear natural as that colour of it darkens over time making it look stained.

  • The amalgam filling never forms a bond with your existing tooth and as a result, the dentist will have to alter the maximum part of your natural tooth so that the amalgam filling is able to adjust.
  • The treated tooth will become sensitive to high temperatures which can cause pain.

Learn some advantages of getting composite filling

There are various advantages of getting composite filling. Some of them have been mentioned below –

  • Since composite filling is able to bond with your natural tooth better, it will appear way more natural than the amalgam filling.
  • One can obtain a better texture of the treated tooth with the help of composite filling.
  • The dentist will not alter your existing natural tooth because the composite filling will be able to stick better to the existing tooth.

  • The treated tooth with composite filling will be as strong as the natural tooth which is unaffected by any oral problem.
  • Since composite filling will not involve any metal substances, it will be more affordable to get.

Are there any disadvantages of composite filling?

The only important con of getting composite filling is that it will not be able to last as long as amalgam filling would. However, if the patient is committed enough to go for regular check-ups and screenings, he/she can maintain the treated tooth well and without any hassle.

The dentists are working on a daily basis to bring a kind of composite filling, which is as long-lasting as the amalgam filling.

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