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5 Essential Tips on Oral Hygiene for Kids

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Your child is being nurtured by you every single moment. From teeth to toe, every part of the body needs to have a close attention when it comes to hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Various dentists have come a long way in their research on some of the safest tips for oral hygiene in child care. Some of these tips are very simple to use and follow regularly. Your child will become a fast learner in dental care with these tips. 5 Essential tips on oral hygiene for kids:

  1. Toothpaste:

A child’s toothpaste must contain fluoride. Some kiddie toothpastes come with a specified statement that it is safe to swallow. When your baby start brushing teeth on his/her own, begin with tiny rice grain size toothpaste at first and then slowly increase it to the size of a pea. Brushing twice a day and after munching sweets is the best way to protect teeth from decay.

  1. Regular checks:

Regular checks help the dentist to keep a track on your child’s dental development. As per the studies kids at the age of 2 to 4 start developing cavities as they are prone to eating sweets. Regular checks help them to protect their teeth from any loss. Visit a dentist every six months.

  1. Train your child:

Train your child on oral hygiene and also prepare him/her on the regular dental visits. Most often, we scare the kids from dentists by warning them on the painful treatments. It is the wrong approach towards educating the children. There are other ways to prevent them from sweets in access.

  1. Flossing:

Ask your child’s dentist on the right age for the flossing method. Every child’s dental growth is different. Some kids get teeth at an early age whereas some take time. Your dentist is the best decision maker on when to introduce the flossing technique to your child.

  1. Mouth wash:

If your child’s age is tender to introduce a mouth wash to him, the best way to start gargling is with warm water added with a pinch of salt. It is safe and keeps all the bad breath away. Kids often take time to brush the right manner; thus gargling with warm water and salt really helps in oral hygiene.Some of these tips are highly recommended by the Children’s Dentistry of Chattanooga. Keep your child healthy and happy for life with these essential oral care tips.

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